Outdoor advertising - the oldest media of humanity that still is in good standing.

Despite focusing on areas with high traffic and a larger audience, they are are not annoying, are they give aesthetic pleasure and serve the area as a decoration..

Today’s global advertising market combines innovative solutions and following up regulatory framework . Communication through the outdoor media need to be based on legal requirements. Digital media lets businesses promptly share information about their brands, products and services. LED screens are highly demanded and being quickly penetrated despite their relatively higher costs. So the quickly updating content is subject to be controlled by consumers as well.   

 However static and rolling billboards, and static signageare still dominating. The billboards mainly focus on consumer goods (foodstuffs, electrical appliances, home appliances, cars) and services (banking, insurance, telecommunications), and POS signage hold the brand names.. Most billboards and the ad spaces on bridges or building exterior walls are owned or hired by advertising companies i.e. operators..

 Moderate local climate let the citizens spend more time outdoors which is a good opportunity for outdoor ads to be seen. Frequently organized open air events make also outdoor ads more effective.