About us

It was established by the Decree № 1472  of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated on June 20, 2017 as a public-legal entity

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It is a body that implements monitoring and regulation related to the placement of outdoor advertising, the preparation and distribution of advertising on them.


The principles of development of the advertising ecosystem of the country, entrepreneurial satisfaction, transparency, responsibility and courtesy are based on its activities.

Aim of Agency

To improve and develop the outdoor advertising environment, to ensure the protection of legal and technical requirements for advertising content and advertising medias

To support advertisers and entrepreneurs, to educate them, to exempt them from illegal payment of advertising, to reduce time for registration of advertising media

Maintain high quality of service, to provide business and citizen satisfaction, to demonstrate professionalism and sincerity in relationship with them

 Agency Mission

To ensure healthy and innovative outdoor advertising environment.

  Charter of Agency

Detailed document of the Charter of Agency


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