Outdoor advertising

Advertisement is any public information that is aimed to attract the consumer's attention in any possible form by various media and methods..  This description is reflected in the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Advertising.

The main principle of the International Chamber of Commerce's reflected in ICC Code of Advertising and Marketing Communications Practice demand the public ads to be decent, honest and truthful.

Ad market is rapidly developing by creating workplaces, stimulating consumption and commerce, and encouraging innovation. Despite outdoor advertising globally covers a relatively small portion of the overall advertising market, it is considered to be the fastest growing one with higher ROI indexDespite of advantages of outdoor ads they are legally limited both for placement and content. For example: outdoor ad media should not negatively affect on traffic of vehicles and pedestrians; placement of outdoor media is eliminated on touristic areas; alcohol or tobacco ads are not accessible for outdoor media.

Signage within1 square meter, and 1 piece, placed directly on the entrance, exterior wall of the POS, nd showing the name, business type, address and work schedule and also political and non-for-profit social announcements  indicated in the Article 86.1 are consider to be not ads and no persimmon are applied for them.